We are KAUZ

KAUZ, the lab for Climate Justice, Work and Future, explores, identifies and discusses why we live and work at the expense of others, and how we can achieve a Good Life for All.

What is KAUZ about?

We are KAUZ, the lab for Climate Justice, Work and Future, and we explore and discuss why our socially dominant mode of living is at the expense of others and how we can achieve a Good Life for All. We work up these topics for adult education to broaden the active engagement for a Just Transition.

KAUZ’s mission is to provide educational materials that aim for enabling emancipatory and transformative learning processes. To overcome the multiple crises we face today, we need to disrupt deeply internalized worldviews, ways of thinking, behavioral patterns and social structures. Transformative education should provide spaces to unlearn the Imperial Mode of Living and instead invite us to shape visions for a sustainable and just world.


Who is KAUZ?

The initiative KAUZ, lab for Climate justice, Work and Future was founded by the authors of the booklet “Von A wie Arbeit bis Z wie Zukunft” in Austria. After the booklet was published, the authors were invested in the idea  of continuing to work together in the field of education. As of now, we are no longer alone in this: KAUZ has four partner organizations in Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia and is being funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program in a three-year project (September 2020 – August 2023).  


What is KAUZ doing?

We develop educational material for a socio-ecological transformation. In particular, we address adult educators who can use the KAUZ materials directly in their contexts. The KAUZ activities and materials consist of:

  • workshop concepts that are available to multipliers in German, English, Croatian and Italian
  • facilitating workshops on our focal topics
  • a multilingual podcast called KauzPod, to present good practice examples and expert interviews related to our topics
  • explanatory videos 
  • microlearnings that enable a short learning moment and can be shared via social media

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