Learning just transition through
solidary modes of living and production

KAUZ – laboratory for climate, work and future

KAUZ, the Workshop for Climate, Work and Future, explores, identifies and discusses why we live and work at the expense of others, and how we can achieve a Good Life for All.

What is KAUZ about?

The core concern is to work up the topics of the Imperial Mode of Living and Just Transition for adult education, to make them accessible and thus to broaden the active engagement for a Just Transition. Since wage labor decisively shapes the current way of life, the educational materials are primarily addressed to employees, with the long-term goal of anchoring the developed formats in the public education landscape. Specifically, we address adult educators who can apply the KAUZ materials in their contexts.

Who is KAUZ?

The initiative KAUZ – Workshop for Climate, Work and Future was founded by the authors of the brochure “Von A wie Arbeit bis Z wie Zukunft”. After the publication of the brochure, the desire arose to continue working together in the field of education. In the meantime, they are no longer alone in this: KAUZ has four partner organizations in Germany, Italy and Croatia and is being funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program in a three-year project (September 2020 – August 2023).

What does KAUZ do?

The core of the project is the development of power-critical educational materials, with a focus on the socio-ecological transformation. We develop workshop concepts that multipliers can use, the podcast series KauzPod with good practice examples and expert discussions, explanatory videos and social media content that enable a short learning moment. KAUZ aims to provide educational spaces that enable emancipatory learning processes. To overcome the current life at the expense of others, deeply internalized worldviews and social structures need to be shaken up. Transformative education should offer learning and reflection spaces for this process, in order to unlearn the imperial mode of living and to dare to think another world.